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Cherie Hershman (Nomi)  NETA, YogaFit, and Zumba certified


Cherie is the owner of Essence, a chic coiffure, a local salon and spa in the Roosevelt neighborhood. After several years as a successful hairstylist, Cherie began to feel the stresses on her shoulders and back. Being an active dancer, step aerobics student, and yogi, she decided to use these passions to help heal her body, enabling her to continue working as a stylist, as well as help others with their fitness goals and utilize her experiences to do so. Cherie holds NETA, Yogafit and Zumba certifications, and continues to grow taking new trainings and certifications annually to be sure and have current information for her students. 


When Cherie is not teaching or cutting hair, she enjoys time with her family. She has a husband and 2 teenage boys that enjoy biking, backpacking and going to the theater together. Cherie knows that fitness is not just losing weight to look good. Fitness means that whatever your size is, that you are strong and healthy and using your body as it’s meant to be used. Cherie’s journey into fitness and health inspired her to create an opportunity for others using their bodies for their professions who also desire to reclaim their bodies as their own. 

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