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Holistic Coaching

My holistic client driven coaching practice encompasses your mind, body and spirit. I see each client as a unique and whole individual, containing a divine spark, that makes you, you. Together we will use a combination of tools and intuition to uncover the steps forward in your life, helping your achieve your goals. Allowing the insight to come from any and all of our senses is essential in the process of allowing us to live fully.

Coaching sessions deal with a variety of topics, including but not limited to wellness, career, transitions, small business, family, relationships, financial health, image, transformation and spiritual intuition.


Imagine working with your very own strategist/teammate/cheerleader to achieve your goals. With a coach, you harness the power of two minds collaborating toward your balanced path. Meetings can range from weekly to annually and the focus of each session can vary as the client sees fit. With this approach, we work on the physical, mental and spiritual realms, thus ensuring balance in the client’s life.


The common thread with my clients is the enormous potential that they hold. I believe in and support them. The combination means that my clients end up surprising themselves, as they shine brighter than they ever thought possible.

What is the difference between psychotherapy and life coaching?


Therapy asks why and looks for answers from the past.


Coaching looks forward and asks how may I take my current life and “uplevel” it to be the best me possible. How may I move toward my goals professionally and personally without getting stuck in the past and with being held accountable?


Coaching processes shift obstacles into plans and goals, looking forward instead of analyzing the past. Coaches work with highly functioning people, the client is healthy, whole and complete as they are, while interested and capable of achieving their goals. Clients hire coaches to help them with motivation and guidance, not to receive therapy. 

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