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Too busy
to workout?

Exercise DURING, BEFORE, or AFTER your workday at YOUR office, a local gym or YOUR home. FitBiz offers personal and group fitness for all budgets and schedules that is tailored to your specific needs and goals.
Choose your service from the drop down menus below.


Are you curious? Do you just want to try out a class or meet the instructor? Email or call today for a free consultation that will be designed to fit your needs.

FORMS: Please complete and submit the forms you will need prior to your first trial or class.



Pick one or a combination

• Bodyshred

• Boot Camp

• Circuit Training

• Dancersize

• Personal Training

• Running

• Step Aerobics

• TRX Training

• Weight Training

• Yoga

Schedule with us online, please send us an email if you are having trouble finding availabiltiy.

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