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Happy Friday Night Yoga Classes

1. I may be the last person to have discovered Cherie Hershman teaching yoga at Laurelhurst, but in my opinion she is not to be missed….for several reasons: If I were to list all the good things she did, which were many, it would obscure in my opinion the most important things she did, which I will list:


a:  She watched and asked where we were in our practice, and she adapted the material, the adaptations, and the options for the poses of the evening to what we asked for and what we could handle.


b:  She was sensitive to the room itself and altered the music, the lighting, and her place of leading to the yogis’ and the room’s needs and limitations.


c:  In conversation afterward she offered the thought that good yoga instructors learn as much or more from the classes and the yogis who share their practice as the students learn from the instructor. Like, she recognized the relational aspect of yoga and did not view it as something a teacher presents as a sterile, repetitive, pre-packaged program, but rather as a practice that has its own variations and liveliness depending on the evening and the people present!


2: It was clear that she has a strong background and extensive experience. She is comfortable with strangers, willing and able to touch and guide in adjustments, sensitive to individual needs and experience, without an ego-investment in making the evening strictly her program, and willing to lead those present to challenges suitable to each person.


3. She is very nice.


Last Friday's class was a "happy hour". I anticipate another happy yoga hour on the 30th! Tell someone else who is "looking." Bring a friend. Bring a child. Bring yourself. 



I love your classes.  You effortlessly flow from one activity or pose to the next, gracefully, merrily.  You encourage and gently reposition and inspire us.  You bring an inner light that shines upon us.

I am happy with your haircuts, which maintain their shape and elicit compliments even when they should have been better maintained.  

Your coaching session helped me to rethink attitudes and turned around my approach.  

You make me feel beautiful.




Extensive Knowledge of the Muscles an the Body

I always look forward to Cherie's exercise classes because they are energizing and challenging. Cherie has extensive knowledge regarding muscles of the body and general health. She is always cheerful and pleasant and it is a pleasure to spend class time with her. Cherie is able to alter the class at short notice if one of us has an ailment that requires special attention. She is very good at helping us make posture adjustments and takes great interest in proper technique.





Never a Dull Class

I am one of those “older” women – but love works out with Cherie! I get an allover body workout…love the different routines and muscle groups that get worked – never the same, never a dull class ~ always pumping it up in different areas!  (you also go out your own pace or she can adjust to whatever aches and pains you may be having that day)


: )




 5 stars 

I took the morning yoga class today that is a new addition with Cheri. She is an amazing instructor for all levels. I am a beginner and though I felt awkward...she was very patient in her guidance and helped me build confidence to keep going. Others in the class echoed the same sentiment.



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