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Essence Corona Virus Update

Here we are entering our 5th month of our "new normal". Things have begun to open up again, we can get out a little more and begin to create our own new way of being in the world. As we continue to live in this world of uncertainty and change may we all stay connected and continue to love one another. Smile as you walk by or say hi to the "stranger". Let us use this time to come together instead of an excuse to be divisive.

Ideas for connection:

Send someone a note of gratitude with all you love about them.

Bring someone a flower (or bouquet) and leave it on their front doorstep

Send someone a poem

Meditate together with someone

Introduce yourself to a stranger on the street and offer them a prayer of love and gratitude.



Below you will find updates for each component of Essence (Fitness, salon and Life Coaching)

Fitness/life coaching

Lose that - Quarantine 15 - Special

(Trying to get rid of the extra "15" pounds? )


Includes 4 Private Personal Training sessions tailored to your needs

4 Private Life Coaching Sessions to compliment your physical needs

Available on zoom on in the privacy of your own home/yard

(This can be individualized to better fit your financial and personal needs)


Now located at 5101 25th Ave NE, inside of Salons by JC.

As of Monday, June 8th, Essence Salon has been open with new "corona guidelines", listed below. You may schedule online or by contacting me directly. This has been going smoothly and I appreciate the patience and humor everyone has been bringing along with them.

Beginning July 6th some prices will be going up with the costs of supplies. Please see the salon website for specifics.

New Corona procedures 1.  Front doors will remain locked. Each client will need to be buzzed in by me. You may press Essence on the keypad by the front door or call/text my cell phone. 2. Masks are required to enter the facility. I can provide one for you if you prefer. 3. Hallways are one way.  4. Restrooms are one person at a time.  5. Hallway benches are not available. 6. Salon sanitation – along with our cleaning crew in the evenings our salon sanitation will be supplemented by the concierge.  We have a new UV light wand that we will be using to sanitize switches, knobs etc. throughout the day. 7. Hand Sanitizer – there are several wall mounted touch free sanitizer boxes mounted in the salon.  8.      Clients are only allowed to be in the salon for 30 minutes, and one at a time. If you are receiving a color service, the color will be applied and you will have to wait outside or in your car while you process, and then come back in for it to be washed out, cut and styled as desired. Fitness All Zoom classes are open to anyone at any level of fitness.

(no experience or equipment necessary)

Gentle Yoga - 8:30 am PST on zoom (Mon/Tue/Wed/Fri). (all links listed on the website).

Barre - 9:30 am PST on zoom (Thursdays)

Free 30 minute alignment lessons now available with prior scheduling

If you're concerned about hurting yourself because you are at home, allow me to help you find the right position for your body.

I am also available for private sessions of yoga, life coaching or personal training. No experience necessary.


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